Too many non gay guys on gay for fans

I know this is an opinion that will probably get me in trouble however i think that in comparison with other gay video sites there are too many str8 guys on this website who are not willing to fuck a guy or to be fucked.

It just feels like they are out there to take advantage of the gay community to get our money


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I admit I’ve paid for gay baiting onlyfans guys. I think while I’m upset at being burned by the pricing compared to the content they are still beautiful, sexy men and I do cum to them. I don’t necessarily need them to suck dick, top and/or bottom. And to be honest, a lot of gay or bisexual content creators take advantage as well. Sure the show dick and short sex clips but anything full length and you’ll pay big. I can say this especially for Matthew Crawford.

The biggest ripper on onlyfans is Braden wuerch