Lorenzo Blue aka William Roepstorff

Looks like hot gay Danish model William Roepstorff been going around with some other hot gays using a new monikor of @LorenzoBluexx on IG, TWT & OF. Love to see one of his OF vids with the hot boys if anyone’s seen it…


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If you are inclinded to purchase one of his videos on OF via DM know this in advance: His videos do NOT feature good shots of his face, for the most part all you see is the top and back of his head, usually when he is giving head or with his face down in a pillow while getting fucked. Additionally, he doesn’t show his cock AND not one of the six videos I 've seen feature him cumming. Buy his expensive videos at your own risk, they aren’t worth the money (granted - an opinion).

Thanks for the low down. It’s what I’ve heard, too. Such a bummer. LOL.