Blake 77 Johnson -- Chaturbate

This former Chaturbate performer was active between July 2015 and July 2017.
Born 14 March 1993, he was aged between 22 and 24 at the time of his performances.

He is straight, and in many of his performances is accompanied by his fat and ugly girlfriend.
Such a waste!

Being an American, it is unsurprising (but still disappointing) to see that he is circumcised. During his 2-year performance career, he went though many changes of hairstyle, both on his head (ranging between long and close-cropped) and in his pubic region (ranging between trimmed and clean-shaven), but his hirsute bum-hole remained stubbornly unkempt. Perhaps the biggest mistake was to dye his head-hair blonde.

He comes across as very uninhibited, willing to:
~ show his cock when it is exceedingly small (as in a shower scene with his girlfriend, though even a straight man’s cock could be expected to shrivel at the naked sight of that broad);
~ masturbate and cum;
~ expose his bum-hole, even holding back his bum-cheeks to provide a clearer view; and
~ insert various objects into his hole, or allow the girlfriend to do so (which is perhaps the least offensive sexual activity in which he might engage with her).

Many websites claim to hold extensive archives of his Chaturbate performances, but almost all of these fail to download. Examples include:

A report on Male General claims that he died around the time that he stopped performing, committing suicide as a result of depression and an abusive relationship with his girlfriend.

Only a few videos still seem to be available. The links are provided below. To add to the confusion, on some sites he is labelled (unconvincingly) as “Justin Bieber”.


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