Who is ChasexBrandt?

So I was going through some videos and I came across someone I’ve never heard of before. Liam Carter. I was watching one of his recent videos which can be found here

One thing that instantly stood out was the scar on his shoulder and thought it looked familiar. I had a look at one of Chase’s videos and thought it looked the same. Then I noticed the moles and hair are very similar. Liam doesn’t have a beard though and Chase does.

Check out this video where you can see a mole on the side of Chase’s neck

Liam has the exact same mole. Every time I compare one of the moles it always matches.

What are your thoughts on this? I don’t want to jump to conclusion but I think we may finally know what Chase looks like. Keep in mind that the images below are heavily photoshopped.

2022067494_LiamCarter(6).thumb.jpg.cc86d9cd109d2cb1a767c2a68fff5c3a 942295464_LiamCarter(13).thumb.jpg.427687e1a7befced0772ad6362a0f2e1 1349601734_LiamCarter(12).thumb.jpg.dfaf9594bd98f310b61907af57f0ae1e

1985469975_LiamCarter(9).thumb.jpg.71d389ed329231b79e2c09b5609c2eab 583794850_LiamCarter(8).thumb.jpg.71897a3b381486409e67e68401e5de35 1326748883_LiamCarter(7).thumb.jpg.a75d00ff22226864e8bc79b5e2cccc3a 105189175_LiamCarter(2).thumb.jpg.edee1a760f8c0a51eea470a9b3fc7125 2075696054_LiamCarter(1).thumb.jpg.6140fd03e54a96d5ee9053708e0b27c4 1424324824_LiamCarter(5).thumb.jpg.87024cecc70713b4a2081e15fa982f3c 545744727_LiamCarter(3).thumb.jpg.de39dc8856f65886cf69adba8ca19f5f 1770541060_LiamCarter(4).thumb.jpg.d7a1c90a5ef75925d0817a260f1041d2


I think you might be right.
Found this heading / title.

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Awesome pics and thanks for sharing them. He friggin awesome alright. I’m a fan for sure :smiling_face: