What does "breeding" mean to you?

Serious question … what expectation do you have of a video that uses the word “BREEDING” in its title or description? For me, breeding means cumming INSIDE a guy’s ass. If you pull out and cum ON his ass, that’s not truly breeding.

What are YOUR expectations when the word breeding is used?


Barebacking for sure…complete with an ass full of cum!


While I’ve grown to find it means something different to every handful, to me it refers to a guy who prefers the Top or Verse bunk and knows that his load is never meant to be put anywhere other than inside of a lucky, eager bottoms hole. The word has power that makes me excited and on my hands and knees hole up in anticipation whenever I hear it


Totally agree with you!


Yup, need to see sweet cream dripping from a man’s scrumptious ass for it to be considered breeding. The best part of this community is being introduced to men with onlyfans we’d all like to breed :wink:


Exactly that. It means breeding.

Penetrating another guy’s hole with your hard cock, fucking that hole until you reach climax and then shove your cock as deep up inside his guts as you can and unload in him. Ejaculate every drop of your seed inside him. And you stay inside him until that last spasm, that last drop has worked its way out, making sure he’s full of every drop of semen you had to give.

He’s officially technically inseminated by you at that point. He’s been bred.
That’s breeding, to me.
Putting my seed up inside another man’s rectum.

I’m bisexual, and I prefer males to females with every passing day … But it’s a similar act when I fuck and breed a female, but the feeling is different when I’m breeding a female. Cumming inside her vagina and leaving my seed in her. Like I’ve done my duty as a male in an attempt to procreate.

Breeding a male is different, something really special between two men that only two men can share. Giving my seed to another man has way more meaning and feeling to me than cumming inside a female.

Maybe too much information? Not enough? I dunno. I think I explained it as best as I can for me, and my take on the meaning.


well written buck! lovely to hear this from a bisexual man like you.

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agree with you - a man sharing his seed with you deep inside your body is intimate and bonding - he is sharing his life essence with you and for me that is special. I like being bred for that reason.


That’s exactly what it means to us in the UK although we tend to be more crude than your encyclopaedic version LOL