Teninchtopx fucks Ruslan Angelo

Watch the video here!: https://gayforfans.com/video/teninchtopx-fucks-ruslan-angelo/


DAMN!! That is a hot scene! This is my first time watching Tenunchtopx fuck and he doesn’t disappoint; I like it when a man is vocal during sex and both he and Ruslan bring that in spades, which hightens the passion and (along with eye contact) deepens their connection.

Ruslan is a hot, eager bottom making me wonder which one of them I’d want to be more in this scene…it’s impossible for me to decide. The look in Ruslan’s eyes as he sucks a cock is enough to make most men cum on the spot.

A couple things I did miss…and these are purely personal preferences…are not seeing Teninchtopx’s face and them not kissing. Those two things generally make it hotter for me unless it is a BDSM or other scene with a mask. Even so, the scene was very hot and us on my faves list!