Pretty Russian God

Does anyone has content from Pretty Russian God onlyfan or fully naked pics of him ?
Thx in avance!

I read on the LPSG that he is a Scammer.
I am posting here quotes from there. " Scammer. Only posts underwear. Not even hard in underwear. 157 pics you can get on Instagram.“,
" I subscribed and bought one of his PPVs. He claimed to be “naked” and when I asked him if there was face he said “of course, why wouldn’t there be.”
I bought it and it was him taking off his clothes to music. When he pulled down his underwear his backside was to the camera. He showed his butt while he flexed and he never turned around fully.
I messaged him to express disappointment that I had asked the wrong question, and he responded that he won’t be showing dick at all.
Admittedly, the video was pretty sexy, but not for $19.99.
I will be unsubscribing.”

Okay thx that’s what I thought but now I have proof !
Thx very much

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