Kurt Dövmeli


@William I’ve got some of Kurt Dovmeli’s stuff if you’d like me to share it. Lemme know!

Yeah for sure thanks.

@oimacum I’m talking to @William about how to get the vids to him to post. Will let you know! ~Dave

@William sent you 6 vids of Kurt via WeTransfer… let me know if they come thru OK.

So they were sent to me? Or were they sent to @William?

Sent to @William so he can post them here on gayforfans

Thanks @DaveDeSade, I got the videos. I should have them up by the weekend :smiley:

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Awesome @William! Let me know if there’s other stuff you want. LOVE this site!

@DaveDeSade Could I get something too? Please, I really love Kurt Dövmeli!!!

Oh, sorry, I just saw that the links are at @William. Could I get it please?

@William any chance you still have his videos? He has deactivated his onlyfans and now they are impossible to find anywhere :__

I’ve got a few more I’ll add

@William What about his brother Sinan Tekik? Could you add him?