Drjohnd on OnlyFans

Saw a few clips of him – incredible body. I think he’s straight, but this is one case I’d even be into seeing him fuck a chick. Anybody have his OnlyFans vids? Have you seen any @William ?

18 yr old bodybuilder with a FAT dick

He’s hot but I personally find his videos boring. He just teases or talks. But there’s a few videos of him showing off his body which aren’t too bad.


Thanks @William good to know

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If you’ve got any of the ones you think are hot, I’d love to see them. His body is fucking amazing. Thanks @William

They’re coming. I’m just being a bit slow this week :laughing:

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thanks @William !! Yep, you’re so right… he’s beautiful, but boring. Fingers crossed that his OnlyFans gets better, cuz he’s def got potential. Very sexy guy, needs to let loose haha

Hot :hot_face: body but as dull as fuck :slightly_frowning_face:

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Agreed man. He’s young (18), he’ll learn haha