Can someone posts of absolutelyblake?


I second that suggestion He’s gorgeous and awesome :heart_eyes:

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we should get some content of him :stuck_out_tongue:

He has just uploaded full frontals on pay per view on his OF. can someone please get em?

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I agree completely. He is very hit!

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Thank you so much…
I used to follow him as a youtuber long back and has always been my favourite… He shares such sexy stories online, that i was dying to see his dick. He calls him self pretty average dicked… and indeed it shows. But he is a complete hottie… and I would give it a good BJ :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this!
He’s a treat to look at


I hope everyone is doing good. I’ve not seen any
New Brandt’s Boys video for a while on here. Will we be getting their newest videos soon on here? Thanks for all the great content.

Thank you very much for the pictures. :slight_smile:
Are these all he has on his of page right now or can someone generously share again?

Are the longer videos of the previews uploaded out on his OF? If yes, can we get to view them? :point_right:t2::point_left:t2: